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By Carlos Oquendo de Amat

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Instead of analogical extension, Goldberg uses the term generalization to explain the generation of novel utterances. Speakers create novel uses of a construction by generalizing constructions beyond their originally experienced contexts into new ones based on accumulated notions that speakers have regarding overall categories. As Goldberg (2006:229) writes in the conclusion of her book, generalizations in any cognitive domain arise across retained knowledge from specific experiences. Even though Goldberg’s frequently cited work (1995; 2003; 2006) recognizes that smaller units such morphemes and words are constructions, the present undertaking is concerned with the nature of multi-word sequences and the term ‘construction’, unless otherwise specified, will refer to these.

Despite these numerous studies, and due to the fact that no criteria were tested empirically, Eddington (1999, 2002) observed that there had not been a satisfactory treatment of change-of-state expressions at the time of his investigations. He drew attention to Fente (1970:157–8) who had searched through a plethora of widely used reference grammars without finding adequate treatments on this topic. Moreover, Eddington observed (1999, 2002) that reference grammars such as Butt & Benjamin (2000), have chiefly relied on the information from these particular descriptive articles that did not examine usage or test criteria.

Introduction 31 This figure is meant to illustrate that for a low type frequency construction to be productive, in terms of extendability to new items, it must show a high degree of semantic coherence between types and relies on analogical extension of these. In fact, extension can occur through analogy to a single type and the probability that this will occur is raised if a type occurs with a high token frequency. Constructions of high type frequency do not need to be as semantically coherent because the many types fuel productivity through offering users many opportunities to extend the construction due to the general nature of the category.

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5 metros de poemas (Five meters of poetry) (Peruvian Poetry) by Carlos Oquendo de Amat

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