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The concordance to the Delphic oracular responses in hexameter is meant as a device for stylistic reports either one of those texts themselves and in their dating to conventional Greek epic poetry. To make particularly transparent what the textual foundation is, and even as to make reference more straightforward for the reader, the concordance right is preceded through a suite of oracles, giving in complete the texts on which the concordance relies including a severe gear stating conjectures and an important editions.

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Auch wenn das Thema - naturgemass - bereits viel diskutiert und beschrieben worden ist, eroffnen sich doch neue Aspekte, wenn guy mit strikter Konzentration auf eine rechtshistorische Betrachtungsweise den geschriebenen textual content analysiert. Genau das tut der vorliegende Band und kommt zu dem geradezu zwangslaufigen Ergebnis, dass Jesus im volligen Einklang mit den Regeln des romischen Straf- und Prozessrechts verurteilt worden ist.

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It is useful to discuss this with other people, because their model of a situation will almost certainly differ from your own. A possible written source is the work of Arthur Korzybski, usually labelled “General Semantics”, which attempts to make people aware of the distinctions between their internal models of reality and the world on which they are based. There are doubtless other, equally useful ways of approaching the problem of “what is real”. The Spiritual Experience of Malkhut is variously the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA), or the Vision of the HGA, depending on whom you believe.

Whenever something dies and people refuse to recognise that it is dead, and cling to the lifeless husk of whatever it was, then you find a Qlippah. The Qlippah of Malkhut is what you would get if the Sun went out: stasis, life frozen into immobility. In keeping with the belief that matter is evil, Malkhut has not one but two vices. The first vice of Malkhut is Avarice, not only in the sense of trying to acquire material things, but also in the sense of being unwilling to let go of anything, even when it has become dead and worthless.

The Illusion of Yesod is security, the kind of security which forms the foundation of our personal existence in the world. ” away the demon of self-importance, to grind it into nothing by doing (for example) something for someone else for which one receives no thanks, praise, reward, or recognition. ), exhaustion (Oh no! ), despair (I can’t go on), and finally a kind of submission when one’s demon hasn’t the energy to put up a struggle any more and simply gives up. Both techniques, the cataclysmic and the abrasive, are legitimate and time-honoured tools of initiation.

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