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By Jeffrey Heath

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This article provides grammar in English of a language of the Songhay kin of West Africa. The emphasis is on grammatical different types and morphosyntax. themes comprise: focalization and relativization, logophoric pronouns, conjunctions and serial verbs.

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Because of the many lexical differences between DjCh and KCh, it is necessary to devote separate dictionaries to them. For more details on DjCh grammar, see Appendix 2. 3 Internal variation within Koyra Chiini Distinctive features of the upriver dialects are described in Appendix 1. g. beer, in Timbuktu KCh (and in DjCh). The most interesting syntactic differences involve the focalization system and the use of simple versus "Full" third person pronouns. For more details on the upriver dialects, see Appendix 1.

Accordingly, we will not attempt to formalize a synchronic phonological rule to capture this minor alternation. 1 General restrictions on particular consonants All regular native consonants occur word-initially, except that tap r is found initially only in the postposition ra. Examples of each initial consonant can be easily gleaned from the dictionary (where, be it noted, η is alphabetized as though n, and s as though s). Native consonants that do not occur word-finally, excluding intensifiers and other interjections, are h, n, η (in Timbuktu), affricates [c j } , stops {p t d k g}, and sibilants (s s}.

S: the distinction between s and S is clearer in KCh than in KS, where s often represents palatalization of s before {;', e}. However, the number of stems containing s is fairly small; many are clear borrowings, such as seytaan 'devil' from Arabic and simoo 'cement' from French. Many others stems with s are non-basic vocabulary for which loanword origins may be suspected. A partial minimal pair is sombu 'wooden comb' versus sambu, sombu 'lift (child to chest)'. To facilitate inter-Songhay lexical comparisons, § is treated as though it were s for purposes of alphabetical ordering in the dictionary.

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