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The argument offered during this e-book is that the hot ‘spiritual’ trajectory of Roy Bhaskar’s paintings, upon which he first embarked with the book of his From East to West, undermines the basic achievements of his prior paintings. the matter with Bhaskar’s new philosophical process (Transcendental Dialectical severe Realism or just Meta-Reality), from the critical-realist Marxist standpoint counseled the following, is that it marks either a departure from and a negation of the sooner matters of Bhaskar to advance a realist philosophy of technology and under-labour for an emancipatory materialist socio-historical technological know-how. The end-result is a meta-philosophy that's irrealist, speculative, under-theorized, internally self-contradictory, and which can't supply philosophical counsel to liberatory social practices. against theist ontological logics extra quite often (including the way more rational theism offered through Margaret Archer, Andrew Collier and Doug Porpora), the argument of this publication is that the earth-bound materialist dialectics of the classical Marxist culture, and the naturalistic humanism those dialectics under-labour at the terrain of socio-historical being, supply a way more promising future of serious realist thought and for liberatory politics and ethics.

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11 This God, as ‘ultimate ground’ and ‘pure dispositionality’, is furthermore understood as spirit or consciousness, which is also ingredient in the natural world, with the various strata of reality unfolding historically as emergent forms of its Becoming. The subsequent development of TDCR into the philosophy of MR saw Bhaskar abandon specific reference to God. But the underlying theme of the spiritualization or idealization of being was preserved and elaborated. 12 But the ontological substance of the system remained theistic or at least idealistic to the core, since the Bhaskarian concept of the ‘cosmic envelope’ (defined as the binding force, active ingredient, and ultimate ground structure of universal unconditional love) performed the same basic function as the God-concept had previously done.

E. Marx’s materialist anthropology of human-being-in-nature). These tasks will be undertaken in Chapter 2. Fourth, having found Bhaskar’s own theism or spiritualism unsatisfactory, I will (in Chapter 3) make out a case for ontological materialism by means of a critical examination of the conceptual and logical flaws that I believe are intrinsic to theistic-idealist philosophical discourse (and agnostic approaches which would affirm the rational assertability of absolute idealism). These flaws, I will show, are not shared by the anti-reductive realist dialectical materialism endorsed in this book.

39 As a result, within CR and DCR, this philosophical perspective has become particularly associated with Hartwig’s name. The purpose of Hartwig’s realist agnostic position is to preserve the fragile unity of the CR/DCR research community, which he believed was in danger of ‘flying apart’ (in the aftermath of FEW), by defending the compatibility and heuristic adequacy of both ontological positions within realist philosophy. 40 This may, he says, issue in an idealist, a materialist or an agnostic position, though it is prudent for critical realists to espouse simply ontological realism.

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