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The beaver's enamel and the tiger's claw. Sunflowers and seashells. Fractals, Fibonacci sequences, logarithmic spirals. those varied sorts of nature and arithmetic are united via a standard issue: all contain self-repeating shapes, or gnomons. nearly 2000 years in the past, Hero of Alexandria outlined the gnomon as that shape which, whilst further to a couple shape, leads to a brand new shape, just like the unique.

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The Wrights were not the only sibling pair, as shown in Appendix IV, suggesting that innovation is sometimes a family affair. The aviation historian Anne Millbrooke (2006) suggested to the author that the methodology used in this paper is similar to prosopography, used in historical research. According to one definition, prosopography is the investigation of the common background characteristics of a group of person nodes in history by means of a collective study of their lives. This technique of analyzing history apparently has its roots in the late nineteenth century.

Franz Reuleaux and the Rhenish Roots of Mechanism Theory 3 29 REULEAUX' Relationships with RWTH Aachen University and Early Presence of Mechanism Theory in Aachen After many years of swaying between Cologne and Aachen, in 1863, the Prussian government with the highest approval of the crown "in that King Wilhelm I issued the submitted draft order with this signature", decided to build Prussia's long-planned first "polytechnic university" in Aachen. The so-called "Königliche Gewerbeinstitut" (Royal Industrial Institute) founded in Berlin in 1821, in which REULEAUX worked, had not yet formally reached this rank by then.

This model makes explicit what earlier historians have posited on the creation of heavier than air machines; namely that the seeds for human flight were laid in the mid to late 19th century and grew out of the contributions of many artisans, engineers, fluid scientists, industrialists as well as educational and professional institutions. Such models challenge the so-called “genius inventor” theory of innovation. The network model makes explicit the contributions of earlier studies of bird flight as well as the critical development of the internal combustion engines.

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