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As a Jesuit, Alberto helped smash church buildings and ministries. yet as he learn the Scriptures, he observed that Catholicism could not retailer. this is often the emotional tale of a Jesuit priest who left the Catholic Church and located salvation via religion in Jesus Christ on my own. He turned a hunted guy, simply because he knew the conscientiously guarded secrets and techniques of the Vatican.

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Scourging of the mock king before he was sacrificed was the practice in the Babylonian Saccea. 1 The remarkable similarity between some portions of the story of the Passion and the ancient ritual of the sacrifice of the mock king, sacrificed as a god to a god, is altogether beyond the possibility of coincidence. And let it be borne in mind that, apart from the Gospels, the earliest Christian litera· 1 Golden Bough, p. 584 . 46 THE STORY OF THE PASSION ture knows nothing of the life of a good man, nor even of a trial and judicial execution, but treats abundantly of the sacrificial death of Jesus and the efficacy of his redeeming blood.

A claim to be the Messiah was not blasphemy, under the Jewish law. And if Jesus, being a mere man , had publicly declared that he was the only Son of God-a most unlikely sup­ position-he was self-deluded ; nobody would have believed him, and the Jewish leaders were much more likely to think he was crazy than to kill him. It is impossible to make sense of the proceedings, however we look at them. If Jesus had been guilty of some offence against the Jewish law deserving of death, Pilate would have handed him over to the Jews, and he would have been stoned in accordance with their law.

1 Even if the Epistle to the Colossians was not written by a Jew, the first Christians were Jews. And of all people in the world Jews were the least likely to deify a man. The horror which Jews felt at the idea of worshipping a man was so great that the Roman emperors were obliged to dispense Jews from rendering to them the divine honour which was expected from all other subjects of Rome. into The legions were even forbidden to carry Jerusalem the Emperor's effigies. , that there is not a single anecdote about him in the whole of the early Christian literature.

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