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The beaver's the teeth and the tiger's claw. Sunflowers and seashells. Fractals, Fibonacci sequences, logarithmic spirals. those assorted kinds of nature and arithmetic are united by means of a typical issue: all contain self-repeating shapes, or gnomons. virtually 2000 years in the past, Hero of Alexandria outlined the gnomon as that shape which, while extra to a few shape, ends up in a brand new shape, just like the unique.

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Pp. 19-32. 44 CHAPTER THREE migrated to Egypt and Erez Israel. ii! (Cairo), dating to the beginning of the twelfth century. From then on the volume of correspondence increases, mainly concerning trade. 22 Political and principally economic changes resulted in the spread of the network of lhe Egyptian ge'onim and Jewish religious law courts to Yemen. In documents originating in Yemen from the 1230s on, and possibly even before then, it is clearly stated that Yemen was "under the aulhority of our master Mazliah Ha-Kohen, Head of the Ge'on Yo'oqov Yeshivah," which was in Egypt (1127-1139).

Yet there can be no doubt that these ties predated this period, as witnessed by the fact that in Yemen the exact version of the Babylonian Talmud was preserved and that the writings of the ge'onim were well known in Yemen. In panicular, the special status of Sa'adiah Gaon (882-942) and his spiritual writings among the Jews of Yemen should be noted. This esteem lies behind the currency of the name Sa'adiah, or its Arabic form Sa'rd, in Yemeni Jewry. By contrast, practically nothing remained in Yemen of the work of the Erez Israeli Sages in the period following the final fonnulation of the Erez lsareli Talmud (Yerushafmi), such as the extensive early poetic literature or Sefer Ha~Ma'asim Li-Bne Erez Israel.

So when the prolecled people bought them from the Muslims they thereby annulled the maintenance of His servants the faithful and they thereby denied the faithful their lands and the [lax] levied from them. and they lost their benefits that Allah fixed for them in law and ordained on the Muslims by decree. At now I have seen that their falling into the hands of one not subjeci to zakl1t is forbidden and we cannot allow it. because this is a loss to Islam and a weakening of the religion of Muhammad.

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