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By Andy Lindsay

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Likewise, the right LED lights up when the right pushbutton is pressed. The program also displays the activity of the pushbuttons in the Debug Terminal. Programming the Project Here is a more precise description of the program specifications for the pushbuttons and LEDs. • • • • When P0 receives a low signal, P5 should send a low signal. When P0 receives a high signal, P5 should send a high signal. When P1 receives a low signal, P4 should send a low signal. When P1 receives a high signal, P4 should send a high signal.

The DVM will then be used to measure samples from the pot’s continuous range of voltage outputs. Continuous range: A minimum value, a maximum value, and everything in between. When a source of voltage varies over a continuous range, it is considered an analog voltage. We will use our DVM to sample voltages over a continuous range, from 0 to 5 volts. 9999… volts, etc. Page 42 · Basic Analog and Digital (1) ADC0831 (1) 100 kŸ potentiometer (10) Jumper wires, give or take a few The Potentiometer, a Source of Variable Voltage There is a reason why the voltage at the wiper terminal of a pot changes when you turn the knob.

Chapter 3: Basic Analog to Digital Conversion · Page 49 DO GOSUB ADCDATA GOSUB CALC_VOLTS GOSUB DISPLAY LOOP ADCDATA: HIGH CS LOW CS LOW CLK PULSOUT CLK, 210 SHIFTIN dataOutput,CLK,MSBPOST,[adcbits\8] RETURN Figure 3-5 Flow Diagram A subroutine sends the program to the specified label. In this case the label is ADC_DATA. Then the program continues executing commands until it encounters the return command. The return command sends the program back to the command immediately after the GOSUB command.

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