Baudrillard and Signs: Signification Ablaze by Gary Genosko PDF

By Gary Genosko

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This booklet relates Baudrillard's paintings to modern social r4248y. the writer lines the connections among Baudrillard's paintings and Marx and Marxism; Lefebvre and structuralist strategy; the works of Saussure, Bataille, Barthes, Foucault, Mauss, Peirce, McLuhan and the Prague institution. the result's an authoritative and stimulating account of Baudrillard and smooth social thought.

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Baudrillard himself is suspect because of his interest in metaphysically and ethically inferior phenomena. On this view, Baudrillard, like Socrates, is guilty of corrupting the youth —not of Athens, but of America (Vine, 1989). The investigation of simulacra has never been a wholly technical affair. On the contrary, the hierarchical division of representation has been accomplished with respect to a moral order which must be either maintained or destroyed (to cite two extreme positions), 30 Baudrillard and Signs even though neither the Platonic nor Nietzschean options may suit everyone.

While the principle of Good must try to repudiate Evil, it may be subtly transformed (weakened) in the process. It is at this point that the parallel demonologies of Baudrillard and Klossowski begin to diverge. The demon invoked by Klossowski (1985) serves as the artist’s model for the production of a simulacrum. This ‘demon’ does not have a transcendental origin. It is an obsessional force hypostatized by the artist, who attempts to ‘seduce’ it by resemblance in working on a simulacrum (a work of art).

Still, a single horizontal line which bears an arrow on each of its ends marks the bi-directional way between one positive whole and another. The positiveness of the sign helps one to understand why the attacks on it have been so virulent; it is no easy nut to crack! And this is the insight to which Baudrillard has led us. I do not mean to suggest that Derrida believes there is nothing radical in Saussure’s thought. Still, Derrida never tires of pointing out how semiology accedes to the onto-theoteleology, although Jakobson, for his part, makes it explicit that Saussure’s general orientation was anti-teleological (Jakobson, 1985:126).

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