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This name presents an method of 3 interdependent options of textual content, tradition and expertise, so one can express what semiotics had regularly needed to marginalize, overlook or now not see within the quest to professionalize itself.

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Instead we should be asking - what are the specific intellectual, political and other coordinates that position any theory of culture? What if, for example, I were to say that culture is determined by climate? 19 It can be used to explain, for example, the cultural differences between the cities of Sydney and London: Sydney's sun and humidity attracts people to an outdoor lifestyle, getting them out into very public places, whereas London's mist and cold induces them to find pleasure and warmth at home or in the corner pub.

In a word one shows (to oneself and others) that one is ethical by being expressive. ) which demand that imprecision is the very measure of sensitivity. This is to oppose semiotics and science, but also ethics and science. The ethical semiotician is opposed to the scientific scientist. In other words science is so manifestly 'bad' that no special term is needed to designate what is 'wrong' with the scientist: what is wrong with the scientist is that he or she is 'scientific'. Due to the Saussurean tradition of semiotics-as-such, however, semiotics is not manifestly but only latently 'good': hence the need to mark the nature of that goodness with a special term - ethics.

Reagan has been the epitome of this image power. He is the pleasure president in a consumer pleasureland. He lives a short workday and has a long fun day. He is the man of the moment, standing for American resurgence. He may indeed be relying too heavily on the power of his image and too little on the power of economic and world issues. The interest rate harms the country; the cold war, the world; and Europe, the victim of both, suffers crises. 13 What he says about Reagan, though, owes more to a certain brand of liberalism than to semiotics (or to semiotics-as-such).

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