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The beaver's enamel and the tiger's claw. Sunflowers and seashells. Fractals, Fibonacci sequences, logarithmic spirals. those various different types of nature and arithmetic are united by way of a standard issue: all contain self-repeating shapes, or gnomons. virtually 2000 years in the past, Hero of Alexandria outlined the gnomon as that shape which, while extra to a couple shape, leads to a brand new shape, just like the unique.

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She helpin' him. To the guns! To the guns comrades! Fast! Like arrows fly! Watch out! The enemy within! The enemy without! Crush them! Save our freedom! Save our land!

Gen· erally, they were growing their beards and their hair longer, and dirty too. They were wearing their clothes- whatever that was- dirtier too, washing less and smoking more. talking socialism, reading and carousing, and above all studiously ig· noring organised society. · They were generally rude, more often than not drugged, ill-clad, malodorous, immodest, iconoclastic. Yet all this had a curious logic of its own- to the aware observer. There were parallel changes at other levels in the society.

The the dictat~rsh~p wo~l~h oor. Instead repress1on the pnvabons o e p tions were stepped up. ckings and provoca . ; sa . The dictator boasted of his were issued to the J7w~~-h the Jewel. He wanted con· readiness to dea' WI t d so much time to dealing Gmiry in his final days dev~ ~ad little time left to attend the Jewel that Governme~ n his mouth without men· to other matters. ~pe " the "Jewel Commumst; . e higher and higher. ;n ros f"teered shamelessly. Bub· commodity monopolists p~o I d with materials never ul outriqht- corrui>Jio;.

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