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By National Semiconductor Application Note 1126 2003

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Any non-decimal values received will be ignored when using the #. ) This commands sends a byte or bytes in serial 8N1 format out a specified pin. The pin variable defines the PORTB pin used for communication. The mode value determines the communication baud rate. The chart below defines the mode options. Mode value Baud Rate Format T2400 or 0 2400 TTL True T1200 or 1 1200 TTL True T9600 or 2 9600 TTL True 300 TTL True T300 or 3 N2400 or 4 2400 TTL Inverted N1200 or 5 1200 TTL Inverted N9600 or 6 9600 TTL Inverted 300 TTL Inverted N300 or 7 OT2400 or 8 2400 Open Drain OT1200 or 9 1200 Open Drain OT9600 or 10 9600 Open Drain OT300 or 11 300 Open Drain N2400 or 12 2400 Open Collector N1200 or 13 1200 Open Collector N9600 or 14 9600 Open Collector N300 or 15 300 Open Collector The item value(s) can be in three formats and they can be mixed.

As you can see, the PBC is a full-feature compiler despite its easy-to-use BASIC language core. PBC is a great way to start and most hobbyists will find it’s all they need. To fully utilize PBC, it helps to understand the inner workings of the PIC processors. Because the PICs use a common architecture, once you learn one PIC your knowledge carries over to any other PIC you may want to use. Once you learn the inner workings you may want to upgrade to the PBCPro compiler or PBPro. Let’s look at that before we start using these compilers.

E. “hello” is sent as five individual bytes. , 13 will represent the ASCII carriage return and 10 will be received as a line feed). If you send the numeric value to another PIC, though, it will be received as the binary value. , #123 will be sent as “1”, “2”, and “3”. Example: loop: for b1 = 0 to 9 serout 5, n2400, (#b1, 10) ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ next goto loop Send 10 numbers 2400 baud inverted, send ASCII value of b1 followed by a line feed. I2CIN control, address, var {, var} I2COUT control, address, var {, var} These commands are used to communicate with other components in the Phillips I2C format.

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